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You may think branding is just for products and services but what about personal branding. When it comes to personal branding, the goal is to differentiate yourself from your competitors so that you can attain your personal goals. Whether it’s to become a famous actor or landing a business deal.

We all search the Internet or shall I say, “Google” to find products, services or people. Your photo is usually the first connection you have with your potential client or future employer, so it’s important that your photographs visually articulate your personal brand, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

These are images from a recent branding photoshoot I did for Comedian and DJ, Eddie Palma (aka DJ Lil Eddie) who has made several appearances at the Improv in Ontario and DJ’d at many weddings and events around the southland. Eddie knew as soon as he received more opportunities, he needed professional photos to showcase his personal branding and business. When Eddie arrived at my studio, we reviewed his choice of outfits and props making sure it complimented his personal brand. During the shoot I wanted him to feel relaxed and have fun, so I put on some Hip-Hop remix and we had a blast.


vanessa kuns photography branding headshot man

As an entrepreneur and corporate professional, I understand the importance of personal branding and it’s my desire to create beautiful images for you to convey your personal brand. Remember, your photo is your first connection with your potential client or future employer so you want to make a great first impression!

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