Featured in Voyage LA

They say, “When you accomplish a goal, you should celebrate” but so easy to quickly move on to the next goal.

Last year, I was featured in Voyage LA, an online magazine that shares inspiring stories of .

As some of you know, I’m a professional portrait photographer and have been running my side hustle for almost 4 years now. Growing my business while working in corporate has been a wonderful experience and although I would love to do this full time, I’m using this time to improve my skills, explore my creativity and learn patience. Waiting upon God to open doors is not easy but well worth the waitwhen it does. So I’m excited to share that I’ve been featured in the Voyagela blog, this is wonderful opportunity to work with other local businesses and to help promote my business. I’m so 🙏🏻 grateful to those of you who have liked, commented and shared my posts over the years, it’s encouraging. Thank you!

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