Five Tips: What to Wear for Your Family Photoshoot

Not sure what to wear for your Family Photoshoot? This is probably the number one question I get asked before a session. It can be pretty confusing and stressful trying to decide what outfits or colors would be best for your Family photoshoot but not to worry!

When you book your session with Vanessa Kuns Photography, the next step is finding the perfect location for your family photoshoot. The location will help set the tone for what you and your family should wear to compliment the setting.

In this blog post, I will give you five tips on what to wear for your family photoshoot.

Tip 1: Choose the Perfect Color Palette

Gone are the days of 1990s family portraits where everyone in the picture would wear the same outfit. A good way to start planning a family photoshoot is to choose a color scheme. Avoid wearing the same color or pattern. This makes a photo look dull and outdated. Try to choose a palette that has a mix of neutral shades and a bright color. This will create a photo that is coordinated and classy without being cheesy or overdone.

Another option is to choose one main color and different variations of that color. One of my favorite places to search for inspiration is at Design Seeds. Once you select your main color, then all you need to do is accent it with the other colors on the palette. Here is an example of a color palette for Fall.

Tip 2: Choose One Person to Wear The Main Color

Instead of having everyone in the photo compete for center stage, you may want to choose one person to stand out from the others. Typically, it’s easier to have Mom’s outfit be the focal point of a picture. Once you’ve chosen one person to be the focus of the photograph, use a bright color (including cream or white) to draw viewers’ eyes in. Everyone else in the photo can wear colors that compliment Mom’s outfit. This helps making the photo look unified and complete.

Family Beach Photo for fall family photoshoot

Tip 3: Choose the Right Shoes

Everything that is worn or used in a photoshoot affects the look and feel of each photo. This includes shoes. Don’t let shoes and footwear be an overlooked part of your outfit planning. A pair of shoes that doesn’t fit in with the rest of a photo can detract from the picture. If you’re having your photos taken on the beach, you might want to consider wearing sandals/shoes that can get wet or sandy.

Note: Stay away from white socks and sneakers. They can actually detract from the overall look of a photo.

Tip 4: Avoid Logos

Don’t choose clothing that has large pictures, labels, logos, or words on it. This often looks too casual for a photoshoot and detracts from the overall feel of a photo. Keep your look simple.

Tip 5: Choose the Right Accessories

It’s always fun to add accessories to an outfit. Make sure you choose the right accessory that fit with the overall look of your family photoshoot such as hats, headbands or tiebacks, earrings, or necklaces.

Mom and Daughter in the fields for fall family photoshoot

Bonus Tip: My Favorite Stores to Shop for Family Photoshoots

Shops for Your Family Outfits

Shops for Mom’s Outfit

Now it’s time to start preserving your story. If you would like to book your next Family Photoshoot, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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