My Recent Experience at the Wild+Precious Retreat | Los Angeles Photographer

I’ve been a photographer for 6 years focusing on newborn portraits but I also photograph maternity, children and families. In looking back through my portfolio of work, I’ve noticed a consistency of capturing connection and love. Whether that be capturing the connection with a child or the connection and love within a family.  When I first started my photography career, I just thought of myself as a photographer but I desired to be more than that, I wanted to cultivate the artist within me and what stirs my heart.

Over the last several years, I’ve been following the work of My Four Hens Photography by Sarah Cornish and Jodi Lynn Photography by Jodi Lynn Buckles on Instagram. What I love about their work is that although they have different styles, they both focus on storytelling. When I first heard they were both partnering on a photographer’s retreat, called Wild + Precious Retreat: A Retreat for the Soulful Artist (Located in the Aspen area of Colorado); I knew I had to attend. I prayed and asked God that if it was His will for me to attend He would make a way, and He did! It had been 10 months since I first registered for this retreat; waiting and preparing with much anticipation. I can’t believe the time was finally here.

This trip included spending a total of five days away from my husband (which is the longest we’ve been away from each other), spending two nights with these amazing teachers and mentors along with 10 other women photographers coming from various states and levels of photography. I will admit, I was nervous about this trip for several reasons; first, traveling to a place I’ve never been before (by myself); second, spending time with complete strangers; and third, having comparison syndrome. This trip definitely brought me closer to God because it forced me to depend upon Him and I was able to overcome these fears.

Photo Credit: Jodi Lynn Photography

One of my biggest challenges throughout my photography journey is having a limiting belief that I would not be able to understand or connect with Motherhood because I am not a Mother. But what I realize through this workshop that it’s not about who I am, but who I serve. It’s about using my talent and tools to preserve my client’s stories; the connection, the love and unity of a family. That’s something that I understand very well because that’s what I grew up with. I was raised by two loving parents, no matter what we went through we had each other, we’re a tight knit family. Till this day we still love to do things together and see each other often. Family to me is everything! This is something that I can relate with my clients.

I learned so much from this retreat and grateful to Sarah and Jodi for pouring out their hearts and talent with us. Thank you!!!

I hope you enjoy the images that I captured and that you’ll continue to follow me on this journey.

Model Ashley, Carl, Willa, Jude and Remy: @ashleyhobelphotography
Mama’s Dress + Willa’s Skirt: @joyfolie
Boys’ Clothes: @zarakids

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