Mom and her kiddos family portrait

Why You Should Take Family Portraits!

In my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding then walking into a home and seeing wonderful family portraits displayed throughout the home. To me, filling your home with these family portraits, brings life into your living space. In this blog post, I share three reasons why you should take family portraits. I’ll talk about how important it is for YOU to be part of your family portraits, how I can help you style your family with ease and lastly, how this process can be an enjoyable experience for your family.

You Need To Be Part Of The Photos

Sometimes people think they need to be perfect. That their hair needs to be just so or they need to look their best before taking photos. Maybe you’ve made these comments! I heard a mom once share about a time when her five year old son was staring up at her and said, “Mom you are so beautiful.” When she heard these words, she realized that it didn’t matter how she looked or felt about herself. What mattered was how she looked to her son. Children see the beauty just as it is. Isn’t that wonderful! This is the very reason why you need to be in these photos. This is life and this is exactly the moments I want to capture. Years from now, these images will tell your story. This is preserving your story.

Here’s a beautiful family that I met during a trip last year in Aspen, Colorado at a photographer’s retreat. This place was definitely magical, the fall colors were just breathtaking and a perfect spot for a fall family photoshoot. What sweet memories to preserve.

Style Your Family With Ease

I understand it can be a challenge to style your family. You don’t know what to wear and your not sure what will look the best for your family portraits. No problem, this is one my favorite parts in planning your family photoshoot. I’ll create a style guide with various color pallets and clothing styles unique to your family. I know you’ll appreciate these color and style suggestions and feel more prepared for your photoshoot. So no worries here!

For inspiration for your next family photoshoot take a look at this blog post. I also share five tips on what to wear for your family photoshoot on the blog.

family portraits taken in Aspen, Colorado area.
This family photoshoot, was in Aspen, Colorado. What a hidden gem nestled between the hills, covered with Pine and Aspen Trees in beautiful fall colors. The family was styled in jewel tones that complimented this gorgeous backdrop.

Family Portraits Can Be An Enjoyable Experience

This is not just about a family photoshoot. This is about creating a space for memories to be made, while I begin preserving your story through my lens. It’s important for me to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your family. When we arrive at the photoshoot location, I will ask you and your family to just wander around and enjoy each other while I grab my camera and capture the magic. So it’s okay if your children aren’t cooperating, it’s okay if they are not smiling, this is life, life isn’t perfect, this is all about preserving your story.

Let’s start preserving your story! For more information, please fill out the contact form and I will send you all the details.

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